Executive Search & Business Consulting

Glocal Infinity Inc.

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Executive Search & Business Consulting

Glocal Infinity Inc.


Recruiting Solution Service

 Business Consulting Service

OT & IT Solution Development


For Recruiter & Headhunter
・Support Career Consulting
・Accelerate Headhunting Service
・Optimize Quick Learning Curve

For Startups
・Analyze Local Market
Explore Business Channels
Drive Market Penetration 

For OT & IT Solution Provider
・Organize SI Partners
・Manage Project Roadmap
・Expedite Workflow & Timeline

We promise that we can.....for your business growth.

Bring the key business driver of deep insight,
Plan the winning scenarios, 
Organize the most suitable business channels,
Navigate the best practice of market penetration,
Provide turnkey solutions with fast ROIs

Solutions & Services

Recruiting Solution Service
・Career & Recruit Consulting
・Headhunting Service
・HR Solution Development 
・Learning Curve Optimization
・Team Lifecycle Management 

Business Consulting Service
・Business Model Development 
・Solution Model Development 
・Business Partner Development
・Offshore Model Operation
・OEM-ODM Process Management 

OT & IT Solution Development
・Operations Control 
・Information Management
・Operations Management 
・Software Apps Development
・Cloud Service Operations

Executive Serach & Business Consulting

Glocal Infinity Inc.


Be an enterprise that creates a society where people and companies are happy.

Provides optimal work opportunities for all people, provides valuable human resource and business growth for all companies.

Provides sustainable and comfortable work environment for our employees.

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Executive Search & Business Consulting
Glocal Infinity Inc.